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Meet the executive team of The Waterproof Group. Our knowledgeable team is our foundation. We take pride in delivering the best to our clients – the best quality, the best problem solving and the best solutions.


Our company-wide pledge to quality, safety and cost-effective delivery shows in every project. With over 28 years of experience under our belts, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, you can feel confident that whatever your waterproofing needs are, we have the solution.


The Waterproof Group team is dedicated to doing each job we undertake with our complete customer satisfaction guarantee. Quality, Safety, and Teamwork have become our company mantra!



As the owner and founder of The Waterproof Group, I leverage my extensive background in construction to provide clients with professional services for waterproofing, commercial roof restoration and foundation repairs. We strive to ensure satisfactory results on all projects regardless of complexity – that’s our commitment!

From a young age, I have been passionate about creating structures from the most unlikely of materials. As a result of my ingenuity and resourcefulness, friends came to know me as an expert builder; particularly when it came to crafting extraordinary treehouses out of minimal supplies! In fact, I once built an entire small log cabin with nothing more than scrap tree trunks.

As a teen, I was fortunate enough to gain early immersion in the residential construction industry. Over the years that followed, my career path provided me with invaluable opportunities and insight into a range of trades like framing, roofing, concrete work and landscaping – all experiences which have proved immensely helpful over time. Reflecting back on those formative days still leaves me grateful for this opportunity to learn such powerful lessons from an early stage in life.

Starting as a carpenters helper in commercial construction, I quickly progressed and earned the trust of key management. I eventually took the reins by leading my own team through various jobs such as installing footings, tieing rebar, fixing concrete form work, and completing other construction tasks for my team and subcontractors.

I was once intrigued by an individual standing behind a tripod, scribbling intently in his small orange book. Upon further investigation, I discovered that he was an engineer performing the layout of our job site. At this moment my realization hit; This specific occupation embodied what I wanted to pursue as my own career path.

After a brief stint as an engineer’s helper at a water treatment plant project, I was eventually promoted to fill the position of the engineer when he left the company. With great attention to detail and hard work in arduous conditions, I executed every aspect of heavy concrete wall construction with precision. My dedication paid off when it became clear that my role played an integral part in the success of this landmark enterprise – teaching me invaluable lessons about this type of construction during tough times!

After deciding to serve my country by joining the United States Air Force, I was presented with a unique opportunity – fueling fighter jets at an air base. Though it entailed more than just refueling planes and included many interesting experiences, construction still remained close in mind and heart.  After honorable discharge of service, I was consequently led right back where I began – working in the construction industry!

I had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in heavy commercial construction working as an engineer’s assistant on a large-scale project – constructing the Federal Reserve Bank of downtown Atlanta. My senior partner proved instrumental, helping me learn how best to function in fast-paced environments like this one. I supplemented my learning by purchasing relevant books from Barnes and Noble for nightly study sessions; eventually becoming a field engineer myself with successes ranging from many medical and commercial buildings up through high rise residential and office structures.

I had the privilege of leading and mentoring a talented team, including some highly educated graduates who were eager to learn. I was proud to invest in their professional development while they gained valuable on-the-job experience!

After years of hard work and dedication in the field engineering sector, I recognized that what would truly make me fulfilled was to be an employer. Despite having a wonderful wife and two sons who depended on my success, I set off on a path towards self-employment with mindful calculation: failure wasn’t an option for my family. After creating a well thought out exit plan from being employed, taking this leap into business ownership has proven to be one of life’s most rewarding decisions yet!

After careful consideration, I chose to focus on one industry and perfect my skills in it instead of becoming a general contractor. When talking with a friend whose brother had experience in waterproofing and foundation repair, the high demand for dependable contractors soon became clear. Knowing that this was an area where people were desperate for quality professionals yet lacked options compelled me to take action by building a family business dedicated to helping others through exceptional service.

Morris Environmental Inc, now known as The Waterproof Group, had humble beginnings that paved the way for an exciting journey. With some people having difficulty spelling environmental correctly and unfamiliarity with our services – a name change seemed like the perfect solution!

With years of experience and expertise, we have been able to help our customers tackle difficult structural problems. We specialize in basement waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation and foundation repair / stabilization – working hard with tailored solutions for each project as no two jobs are identical in nature. Our knowledge base not only encompasses the latest waterproofing methods but also how buildings were originally constructed which helps us identify potential issues quickly and accurately.

We take great satisfaction in our ability to help customers find solutions for even the most challenging of water and structural issues. Our success lies not only in providing excellent service, but also seeing a satisfied customer who can enjoy their property worry-free once again.



Justin joined the family business, The Waterproof Group, in 2016. Growing up around the construction industry, Justin has a strong knowledge of the industry, which resulted in his quickly moving through each position of the company from labor to the Executive Vice President position. Justin has extensive skills and knowledge including field operations, estimating, waterproofing, foundation repair, commercial roof restoration and building products.


Currently, Justin monitors and evaluates results of current work to help ensure each department is meeting objectives, goals and other daily requirements.