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Foundation Repair

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Your home’s foundation is the backbone of your home’s structural integrity. Whether you’re looking to stay put for years to come or planning on selling, a strong foundation is critical.

Unfortunately, foundation failure can occur due to various factors, such as improper drainage or poorly installed downspouts. Even natural occurrences like heavy rain or ground movement can lead to cracked foundations. That’s why a professional foundation inspection is essential when seeking repairs.

Our team of foundation repair experts can provide a thorough assessment of your home’s foundation and offer estimates for repairs, ensuring your home stays structurally sound for years to come.

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Foundation repair systems

At The Waterproof Group, we use a variety of systems to repair your foundation. 

Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System

Our Hold-Right® Wall Anchors are engineered with quality galvanized steel, ensuring a long lifespan and exceptional performance in various soil conditions. Our unique design allows for immediate straightening of foundation walls during soil excavation, minimizing disruption to your yard and landscaping. Plus, our anchors can continue to straighten foundation walls over time with minimal disruption. Trust in the Hold-Right® Wall Anchors' proven track record for securing and stabilizing basement foundations, providing peace of mind for years to come.

Gorilla Wall Braces

The Gorilla Wall Braces® system is a game-changer when it comes to basement wall support. Our patented design exerts even force along the wall, eliminating wall shear and preventing further movement. By attaching steel beams to the concrete basement floor and wooden joists, our system stops buckling walls from moving inward. Plus, our Gorilla Wall Braces® engineered floor bracket requires no concrete floor removal.

Our innovative system also utilizes three floor joists to distribute the wall load more evenly and provide additional pushing strength. With continuous tightening, the Gorilla Wall Braces® system gradually pushes bulging basement walls back to plumb over time. Alternatively, with slight excavation on the outside, the Gorilla Wall Braces® system can straighten basement walls in a single day. Trust in the Gorilla Wall Braces® system to provide exceptional support and protection for your home's foundation.

Carbon Fiber System

The Carbon Fiber foundation stabilization system utilizing the exceptional strength of carbon fiber to hold the wall in place. Carbon Fiber exhibits high strength to weight ratio. The Carbon Fiber system is also an effective crack repair method because it helps stabilize the wall during future basement wall movement, preventing the crack from widening. The Carbon Fiber system can be used as a crack repair method on almost any concrete wall. The Carbon Fiber crack repair method can also be easily painted over.

Polyurethane Epoxy Crack Injection

Don't let cracks in your foundation go unchecked – our polyurethane epoxy crack injection is the solution you need. Our injection process seals small and large cracks on the interior of the foundation wall, eliminating water and air leaks for good. What's more, our polyurethane epoxy creates a bond that's even stronger than the original wall.

For exterior cracks, our hydraulic cement solution is the answer. Through excavation of the earth around the foundation wall, we're able to repair cracks with hydraulic cement in just one day. Trust in our foundation repair specialists to determine the best course of action for your specific needs. Don't let foundation cracks compromise the safety and security of your home – turn to us for reliable repairs.

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Our simple and transparent process ensures that we are always on the same page to from start to finish.

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Musty and Moldy Smelling Basement Fix

Helical Piers

Installed by twisting them into the ground, they provide support for the home and foundation.


Waterproof layer

This membrane is installed to prevent water from penetrating into the basement or crawlspace.



We will dig a temporary trench to give ourcrew access to your exterior foundation wall and to install the necessary solutions.

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Understanding how we repair your home’s foundation

Based on your unique situation, our team will devise a plan using the most effective solutions to deal with the problems that are plaguing your home. Explore the image to see the some of the different techniques our team has used.

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