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How To Prevent Water from Entering Your Basement

When it rains, the water in your basement will likely find its way to where you least expect it. The soil around our foundations can be saturated with rainwater and lead down a path toward leaks or other problems if not addressed quickly enough! As you may not even know, you may have cracks in the foundation of your basement until it begins to leak, so small and several feet underground.

Concrete is an excellent building material, but it has many drawbacks when used in basements. One of these qualities that make concrete so durable and easy-to mold is its porosity! The space between each individual brick or stone chip allows water to seep into your foundation walls creating a leaky mess down below no matter how much you think it’s been waterproofed beforehand.

The only way to completely stop water absorption in concrete is by applying sealant when you first pour it, but this will not help homeowners whose blocks are too far gone.  To stop water from seeping into the soil around your home, make sure that you have a properly functioning gutter system and grade down hillsides where necessary. Grading is especially important if it will carry rainwater away quickly enough before reaching vulnerable areas like basements or foundations.

Finding a Lasting Solution with The Waterproof Group

Leaks in the basement are often caused by rainwater seeping through cracks. However, to determine with certainty why your home’s foundation is leaking when it rains will require an evaluation from a professional specializing in waterproofing projects like yours! Fortunately for you though we at The Waterproof Group offer these services as well as providing thorough consultations and expert advice about various methods of prevention and repair that can be used right now before things get worse. So don’t wait another minute contact us today.  let’s find out what steps are needed next. When you think about the risk of water damage in your home, it’s easy to see that there are many causes. The most common leaky basement problem is caused by an improperly founded soil structure which allows moisture near surface level with no protection against flooding above or below; however other factors like settlement may also be directly responsible for causing structural damages inside homes. We know how important this issue has become so let us help find solutions tailored specifically towards what might work best based on our evaluation during your free inspection.

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