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How to Identify and Fix Small Leaks in Your Foundation Walls

What Causes Small Leaks in Foundation Walls?

Residential homes on basements or crawlspaces have either a poured concrete foundation wall or a concrete block foundation. These foundations are often hidden by some type of exterior decorative veneer.

Hydrostatic pressure builds up causing movement and shifting of the foundation, which can cause cracking in the foundation.  Due to the space between the decorative veneer and the foundation walls, rainwater often gets trapped and can seep into any cracks in the foundation walls.

Many homeowners will see rainwater collecting where gravity takes its toll, the lowest point of the basement or crawlspace.

How to Identify Small Leaks in Foundation Walls?

Unfinished basements are the easiest to find small leaks in foundation walls. You can usually see exactly where the foundation cracks are, and actually see water coming from the crack. However, finished basements are a bit more complicated.  Because of the unfortunate fact that gravity pulls water to the lowest point of the floor, the water could have come in at a higher point and pooled at the lower point. In these cases, drywall must be removed to find the exact location until the access point is identified, unless you see it coming in at the exact time of entry. Or, the drywall is wet at entry point.

Finished basements also incur the most property damage from foundation leaks if not identified and fixed quickly.

How to Repair Small Leaks in Foundation Walls?

Small and large cracks can be repaired using a polyurethane epoxy crack injection on the interior of the foundation wall. These cracks can also be repaired by the exterior by hydraulic cement via excavation of the earth around the foundation wall. The proper and best steps needed for your particular situation should be determined by a waterproofing specialist.

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