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Carbon Fiber Foundation Stabilization and Crack Repair System

Carbon Fiber Foundation Stabilization and Crack Repair System

The Waterproof Group understands just how important a stable foundation is. Every property owner wants a peace of mind knowing they have structurally safe property free of foundation cracks and bowing walls. However, leaving structural issues untreated will only cause more harm. Therefore, The Waterproof Group has the right solutions in a variety of repairs options. Here, we will cover the Carbon Fiber Foundation Stabilization and Crack Repair System.

The Carbon Fiber Foundation Stabilization and Crack Repair System is designed for strengthening masonry and concrete foundation structures. It is one of the top choices for basement wall repairs in the foundation repair industry. Furthermore, it is strongest material to resist outside pressure while also being the thinnest material to use on basement foundation walls.

Carbon Fiber for Crack Repair

Carbon Fiber can also be used as an effective crack repair method. It not only stabilizes the foundation wall, it also prevents further wall movement and crack widening. The Carbon Fiber Foundation Stabilization and Crack Repair System can be used on nearly any concrete wall and easily painted over.

Advantages of the Carbon Fiber Stabilization Foundation and Crack Repair System

  • Surface Coverage Area – a 12” wide coverage area gives the carbon fiber system more surface area to bond to. This creates a much stronger bond to the foundation wall.
  • Thin & Strong – at 1/16” thin, you can paint over the carbon fiber, while guaranteeing it’s strength to resist outside pressure.
  • Cost Effective – more cost savings than piers, jacks, or wall braces. They can be installed in one day to help save even more money.
  • Camouflage – thin and paintable to make them nearly invisible compared to other foundation repair systems.
  • No Disruption – there is no digging, no drilling holes, no jack hammering, etc. No need to disrupt the property.

When you notice bowing or cracked basement foundation walls, call The Waterproof Group for a FREE inspection and repair quote at 678-223-4948. The sooner you repair your foundation issues, the more you save.