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Crawl Space Ventilation Fans or Encapsulation – What Really Works

When it comes to crawl space ventilation fans or encapsulation, one method really works best for the air quality of the whole home.

In the past, it was common practice for builders and homeowners to ventilate the crawl space via crawl space vents and ventilation fans. The theory was for the ventilation fan to move outside air through the space in an effort to keep the crawl space dry. However, in climates that are humid, this caused more problems than it helped. It drew in natural humidity, along with toxins, pests and environmental irritants from the outside air.

While the crawl space is below the home, much of the air from it does come into the home and can affect the health of those living within.

How Crawl Space Air Affects Home’s Air Quality

Many homes are constructed with a central air conditioning system. These systems suction power draws 50% of the air from the crawl space into the home. Therefore, if your ventilation fan has drawn in excess moisture and created a mold problem, you could be breathing in mold spores and other air pollutants.

The Best Type of Crawl Space System

The best type of crawl space system has become the encapsulation method. This method completely seals the crawl space from outside pollutants and reduces the risk of mold growth. An industry professional like The Waterproof Group can give you a free quote for exactly what your crawl space will need to keep it dry and airtight. Most encapsulation methods include a thick liner that seals the ground and walls, sealing the vents and a dehumidifying system. Some crawl spaces may need a waterproofing system to prevent water intrusion. Furthermore, some crawl spaces may need a radon system in certain areas of the country as well.If you have concerns about your crawl space, call The Waterproof Group to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate today at 678-223-4948 .