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How to Fix Bowing Basement Walls

There are a few ways to fix bowing basement walls. The Waterproof Group usually chooses the Gorilla Wall Brace system as our first option for bowing wall foundation repair. The Gorilla Wall Brace system is one of our favorite foundation repair systems because of its strength on both block and poured concrete walls. Bowing walls can be pulled back to plumb in one day or over time.

How it Works

The Gorilla Wall Braces are steel beams that are attached to the concrete wall, the wooden joists above and the concrete floor. The system can be used to prevent further movement of the walls or to completely pull the wall straight. We prefer the Gorilla Wall Brace system most because no concrete in the floor has to be removed and their patented design allows for even distribution along the wall for added strength.

Perpendicular & Parallel Gorilla Wall Braces – Engineer Approved

The perpendicular system utilizes the support of three floor joists, which allows the brace to push off the floor joists to increase the pushing strength. This is a better option than the one floor joist systems. By utilizing three floor joists, the perpendicular system allows for a more evenly distributed weight during installation and repair.

The parallel system is similar to the perpendicular as it is secured in a similar way to distribute wall loads evenly over multiple floor joists for more pushing power. The parallel system is best used for bowing basement walls that are parallel to the floor joists above.

Straighten Walls in One Day

Gorilla Wall Braces are able to move a bowed foundation wall back to its originally plum position in just one day. When the wall is completely excavated on the exterior, the foundation wall does not have soil pressure working against it. The braces are installed, the wall is slowly moved back in place and most jobs can be completed in one day.

Straighten Walls Over Time

When excavation is not possible, the braces can straighten walls over time. The Gorilla Wall Brace system allows for constant pressure to be applied by regular tightening of the braces, which pushes the wall back to plum over time.

Advantages of Fixing Bowing Walls with Gorilla Wall Braces

  • Engineer Approved
  • Patented system is strongest in industry
  • Will work parallel or perpendicular
  • Can be used on new and old construction
  • Works on poured and block walls
  • No removal of concrete floor required
  • Excavation of walls not necessary
  • Peace of mind for all property owners
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