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In-slab Drain System Basement Waterproofing Benefits

In-Slab Drain System

A specialty of The Waterproof Group – An in-slab drain system is a great way to waterproof your basement from the interior. The in-slab drain system will collect all water intrusion at the walls before it enters your home. Due its compact size, the system is designed to be installed directly on the footing below the concrete slab. This helps eliminate the amount of concrete that needs to be removed and replaced.

Weep Holes

Weep holes allow easy flow for water to drain through the in-slab drain system and allow for the water to be pumped out before it enters your home. This type of system has become one of the most common interior basement waterproofing systems to install.

Major Advantages

Unlike older pipe and gravel drain systems that require a lot of time and labor for installation, new technology has greatly improved everything. Now, only 6 inches of basement slab concrete needs to be removed to access the footing. No other digging or trenching is required. This type of improved system allows for water to freely flow without clogs or bottlenecks. This also helps keep your basement dry and healthy year-round.

Inside & Outside Corners

Inside and outside corners are no problem for new in-slab drain systems.  If your home has a finished basement with many corners, don’t let that bother you one bit, it won’t be a problem for any professional. The drain systems are not just straight systems any longer.

Sump Pump or Gravity Feed

In most cases you will need a sump pump to pump the water from the drainage system. However, if your property allows it, gravity feed may be a better option for you. This will also be dependent on the lowest lactation for water to drain from the system. An inspector can let you know your options during your waterproofing inspection.

Watch a short video our Click here crew installing an in-slab drain system.

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