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Musty and Moldy Smelling Basements

Interior Basement Waterproofing by The Waterproof Group

Musty and moldy smelling basements are a sure sign of high levels of basement moisture issues. These moisture issues not only create unwelcome odors, but it can also create undesirable mold problems as well. And mold growth can then lead to health issues with those who live within the home. Therefore, it is imperative to resolve water issues as quickly as possible.

Musty and Moldy Smelling Basement Fix

How to Fix Your Musty / Moldy Smelling Basement

Musty and moldy smelling basements can easily be fixed by eliminating the source of water intrusion. When it comes to mold removal / remediation, we have excellent referrals. For the water intrusion, we at The Waterproof Group are the experts. Our basement waterproofing systems and air filtration systems will permanently resolve all your current and future basement water issues.

Getting Professional Help

We highly recommend using a professional for your musty and moldy smelling basements. Once the professional resolves your problems, you no longer have to worry about smells or mold exposure.

Interior Basement Waterproofing by The Waterproof Group

If you need Mold Testing, we recommend contacting MoldPlus Testing.

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