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Sinking Foundation Repairs and Certified Structural Evaluations

Sinking foundation repairs are one of the most common problems we see other than water intrusion in both new and older homes. When confronted with a sinking foundation repair, most homeowners want to know what the expert would do at their own home. That’s where The Waterproof Group comes in.

As a certified structural evaluator, we know exactly what causes a sinking foundation, how to find the cause and how to fix the problem.

What Causes a Sinking Foundation?

  • Improper Drainage – improper drainage around the perimeter of the property can cause increased hydro static pressure
  • Evaporation – as evaporation happens, soil shrinks
  • Natural Intrusion – tree roots growing into and through the foundation can cause an array of foundation damage
  • Poor Land Conditions & Preparation – poor site preparation, such as construction debris and soil types such as clay soil can cause extreme settling, which can call for the need of sinking foundation repairs

Foundation Cracking

Foundation cracking is often seen from over settlement or extreme settling. Therefore, it is very important to have the damage from the cracking evaluated as soon as possible by a trained professional. A Certified Structural Evaluator can determine the cause and determine a plan of action or a protocol for the repair. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Why Should You Fix a Sinking Foundation?

  • Problem Can Worsen – the problem won’t fix itself, it will only get worse over time
  • Safety – fixing the problem sooner will help prevent unwanted liabilities in and around the property
  • Appearance – sinking and cracking can cause unsightly appearances on the exterior of the property such as bricks / concrete and or the interior of the property such as drywall
  • Resale Value – most buyers will walk away from a sinking home or a home with cracked foundation walls out of fear. Fixing the repairs now can help keep your home value up instead of devaluing your home.

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to fix your foundation problems because you have lived with them so long. Unfortunately, you will pay for foundation issues one way or another.  Call The Waterproof Group for a FREE foundation inspection at 678-223-4948.