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The Best Techniques to Waterproof a Basement

The best techniques to waterproof a basement will include an interior waterproof system or an exterior waterproof system. Whether your basement is used as a living space or a storage space, it is important to keep your basement dry. No one wants to walk into their basement and discover puddles of water or high levels of moisture that could lead to mold growth, which could lead to a slew of health issues. Therefore, The Waterproof Group is sharing great techniques to waterproof a basement. Take proactive approach to waterproofing your basement now and never worry about heavy rains and floods in the future.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

In many cases, interior basement waterproofing, can be the most affordable option with below slab and above slab systems to choose from. Below slab drainage systems are installed beneath the concrete, along the footing. Water that comes through the foundation slab will never enter the home, but will travel through the system, into the sump pump and be diverted away from the home through exterior drainage lines.

The above slab drainage system is used in instances where there is no footing and a below slab drainage system cannot be used and / or an exterior system is too costly.  This system functions like the below slab system. It collects any water coming into the property, drains it into a sump pump, which pumps it out of the property. This system is the least popular because it is visible; however, it can be placed behind walls if you are finishing a basement.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing can be more expense than interior waterproofing. However, there are some professional  companies like The Waterproof Group who will give partial system options at a lower cost to help save money.

Many aspects are involved when considering the exterior of the home. Are the gutters causing the problem? Is the earth around the foundation sloped correctly? Are there tree roots breaking the foundation? Then there are items that can drive up the cost of exterior foundation repair such as decks, large bushes, HVAC units, etc.

The exterior basement waterproofing technique involves removing the earth from around the foundation of the home. Depending on the foundation, this may be done by hand or machine. The waterproofing applications are applied and the earth is replaced.

When deciding to waterproof a basement, be sure to go over all your options and do your cost comparisons with the inspector during your free basement waterproofing evaluation with The Waterproof Group. See which options will work best for your basement and your budget. We also offer financing.


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