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The Revolutionary Structural and Foundation Repair System Atlanta GA

With the revolutionary structural and foundation repair system, Stabil-Loc, there have been over 50,000 piers installed. Creating solid foundations is exactly what we are able to do after ZERO failures. Revolutionizing the foundation repair industry has now been achieved through the patented Stabil-Loc Piering System.

The Number One System

As the most reliable structural and foundation repair system available, Stabil-Loc is the number one system. By providing residential and commercial properties the ultimate foundation repair solution, Stabil-Loc is now the most trusted name in the industry.

Strongest Support System

Created from solid steel, the double-walled, heat-extruded piers are hydraulically driven directly beneath the center of the foundation wall to be lifted or stabilized. The piers are then driven vertically along the wall to bedrock or stable strata to provide the strongest support for the foundation available. Stabil-Loc Piers can also be installed in crawl spaces and basement floors.

Concentric Loading & Adjustable Shimblock

Due to the patented rotating head, each pier maintains concentric loading at all times during the lifting process. Furthermore, with the structural and foundation repair system of Stabil-Loc, there is no over-lifting needed. This eliminates possible damage to the structure in other areas.

Certified & Trained Stabil-Loc Contractor

The Waterproof Group has been trained and certified by Stabil-Loc. This ensures we are licensed, insured, and our work is guaranteed for your peace of mind and foundations protection.

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