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Wall Anchor Foundation Repair System

The Waterproof Group is giving our customers a more in-depth look into the Hold-Right Wall Anchor Foundation Repair System. The Hold-Right Wall Anchor System is used to stabilize and / or straighten bowing, tipping, and bulging foundation walls. This particular system has helped thousands of residential and commercial properties around the nation. Foundation repairs is a specialty of  The Waterproof Group.

What is the Hold-Right Wall Anchor System Made From?

The system is made from high quality steel and galvanized to ensure a long life-span. This galvanization also ensures it holds up in a variety of soil conditions. The unique wall anchor system is engineered to enable the straightening of the foundation walls as soon as soil is excavated on the outside of the foundation. You can also straighten the foundation walls over time with very little disruption to landscaping or your yard. It’s one of the most advanced, proven systems in the industry.

What are the Advantages of the Hold-Right Wall Anchor Foundation Repair System?

  • Stabilizes and / or straightens weakened walls
  • Can be installed in one day in most cases
  • Minimal disturbance to property
  • Prevents further property damage
  • Give peace of mind to property owners
  • Restores property value

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