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Water in My Crawlspace

Water in My Crawlspace

Water in my crawlspace because of all the rain. Does this sound like you? With Spring, the rains also bring in a considerable amount of rain. Therefore, you may see water in your crawlspace or even in our basement because of this. The team at The Waterproof Group can help solve all your water intrusion issues. No matter how big or how small your water intrusion issues are, we have all the tools to solve your problems at affordable prices.

How Water Gets In the Home

There are several ways for water to get into the crawlspace. Groundwater can easily leak into the crawlspace when it rains through cracks in the block walls, under the footing, between the footing and the walls, and even through the block walls. Once in the space, it just stays there in puddles and evaporates up to the sub-floor and into the house. This can cause mold issues as well.

Since air flows up, this air will bring 50% of the air from your crawlspace such as mold and humidity. This can cause a number of affects on your home including.

Negative Effects on Your Home


Cupping hardwoods

Damp carpets

Excess humidity

Dust mites

Swollen windows and doors

Increased energy bills

Health issues

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