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Waterproofing Basement Foundations – Caulk is Not the Solution

Caulk was never meant to be a permanent waterproofing solution foundations. Doors, windows, tubs, and sinks are a different story.

When it comes to waterproofing basement foundations, sealing leaks with caulk is not a permanent solution. So, what is a permanent basement waterproofing solution? The Waterproof Group has several permanent solutions to choose from; however, we are only going to go over one of those solutions here. To find more of our permanent solutions, visit our basement waterproofing page.

WaterShield Drain Board system is a great choice for waterproofing basement foundations. The system fits tight against foundation walls with a complete waterproof seal. The bright white finish blends in well white wall materials. Furthermore, the system offers a gap-free above slab installation.

Versatility of the WaterShield System

The WaterSheild Drain Board system is one of the most versatile waterproofing products in the industry. We can install this system above the basement slab along the foundation walls, as well as below the slab at the foundation footing.


Either way of installation, the patented system allows a water to flow freely through and away from the foundation. No job is too big or too small.

Benefits of the WaterShield Drain Board System

  • No gasses
  • No moisture
  • No odors
  • Gap-free system
  • Drier basement

Waterproofing basement foundations is what The Waterproof Group specializes in. When you have water intrusion in your basement, call The Waterproof Group for a free inspection and quote at 678-223-4948