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Foundation Repair Atlanta Repairing Buckled and Tilting Basement Walls

Foundation Repair Atlanta Repairing Buckled and Tilting Basement Walls

Many homes in and around the Metro Atlanta area are built on block basement foundations. Some basement foundations in the Atlanta area are made of stone foundations, which are also vulnerable to buckling and tilting from soil pressure. Today’s modern day poured concrete wall foundations are also vulnerable to damage from soil pressure causing them to tip inward. Therefore, The Waterproof Group has made foundation repair such a large part of our waterproofing business.

How Basement Walls Buckle and Tilt

Soil pressure is the leading cause to buckled and tilting basement walls. Poor drainage and water runoff are severe factors in the soil pressure against basement walls. Homes located at the bottom of hills, end of cul-de-sac’s or that have their yard / driveway sloping toward their home tend to have the most foundation repair needs. Many homes on flat sites also have issues due to a negative grade funneling water toward the foundation. Furthermore, homes with no roof gutters also have an excessive amount of foundation repair needs.

Repairing Buckled and Tilting Basement Walls Foundation Repair Atlanta

Buckled and tilting basement walls can be repaired in multiple ways with an array of foundation repair techniques. A structural evaluator or a structural engineer can best determine what repair option will be best for your basement wall needs. Many things must be considered during the evaluation process. And, many times a waterproofing system is needed in adjacent to the foundation repair system for a complete repair.

Foundation Repair Techniques

  • Helical Anchors
  • Steel Beams
  • Wall Anchors
  • Piers


When you need help with your foundation repair Atlanta basement issues, we are here! If your basement walls are cracked, we can help with that too.  Contact The Waterproof Group for a FREE inspection and quote at 678-223-4948 . We service Metro Atlanta and surrounding communities.