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Foundation Repair for Garage Floor and More

The Waterproof Group is the leading foundation specialists servicing Marietta GA and all of Metro Atlanta for foundation repair, stabilization, and foundation piers.

The Waterproof Group’s foundation and concrete repair services go beyond surface-level fixes. We take the time to uncover what could be causing an issue so we can deliver the most effective solution possible, ensuring quality repairs that won’t break your budget or timeline. Read up on how our team handled one job involving piering and stabilizing a damaged home structure – check out this real case study!

Case Study: Foundation Repair for Garage Floor and More

Don’t let your foundation uncertainties go unanswered. When a Sandy Springs GA resident needed help with foundation repair for garage, they found The Waterproof Group Foundation Specialists through a Google search: this organization has been providing foundation repair and waterproofing to Metro Atlanta residents for many years!

Unsettling as it may be, houses typically do not settle by inches – if you’ve noticed any signs of sinking or other structural ailments on your home’s exterior or interior components like garages, patios, fireplaces, windows, doors and porches then there might be something more serious going on beneath the surface. Let The Waterproof Group explore what could potentially lie below so that you can have answers for all your foundational questions.

After visiting the home and thoroughly examining the nearly 15-year-old garage floor, our team determined that a significant amount of “settling” had occurred in just five years. In order to ensure safety for everyone who steps foot inside, The Waterproof Group acted quickly with professional expertise – providing an all-encompassing service plan while solidifying the homeowners decision to use The Waterproof Group as Marietta GA’s top foundation repair company heading into 2022!

The homeowner knew that procrastination would only lead to greater expenses and more extensive damage. So, they reached out to The Waterproof Group Foundation Specialists with the knowledge in hand so an optimal solution could be determined for their residence. No need for second-guessing – the job was going to get done right!

Addressing the Call for Stability

To ensure the best possible solution for their home, The Waterproof Group Foundation Specialists provided a free assessment. After careful consideration and expert analysis, it was determined that state-of-the art piers with concentrically loaded resistance pushed piers for best results!

The Perfect Solution

The Waterproof Group got down to business, setting their sights deep below the foundation in order to rebuild its stability and support. Through a process known as piering–which is done when soil beneath a home’s base evaporates or shifts due to settling–the team put the perfect piers into place for what is needed to ensure lasting reinforcement.

About Marietta GA’s Foundation Repair Specialists

The Waterproof Group Foundation Specialists go the extra mile for our customers, always putting their needs first. From initial contact to completion of your project, you’ll be supported every step of the way and find that dealing with just one company takes away all sources of stress or confusion associated with a foundation repair and waterproofing job. Our high-quality service combined with personalized customer care makes us stand out from other providers in this field.

Our aim is to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey from estimate to completion. We know home repairs can be expensive, so we strive to alleviate the financial strain with multiple financing solutions for foundation repair projects. Our team will guide you through each stage of the process, taking time to answer any queries along the way – delivering exceptional service every step of the way!

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Knowing who to call for foundation repair in Marietta can be overwhelming – but look no further! The Waterproof Group is the top-rated company, ready and able to provide extraordinary service throughout every step of your project. Trusted by locals, you’re getting guaranteed solutions that really work; all at no obligation when you get a free estimate from us today – just give our friendly team a ring at 678-223-4948!