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Gorilla Wall Braces Reviews – See What Customers Are Saying

The Gorilla Wall Braces Reviews that we have read are all incredibly positive. Therefore, we thought it would be an exciting time share what others are sayings. First though, let us look at what Gorilla Wall Braces are, why they may be needed, and who can install them.

When you need to stabilize your buckling or bowing foundation walls from inside your basement, the Gorilla Wall Braces is a perfect and effective system to use. It will stop the wall from moving inward further and from buckling, while it braces your foundation wall against the pressure from extreme outside soil force pressing against it. The steel beams are placed against the foundation wall and securely connected to the wooden joists above and the concrete floor for the ultimate in wall bracing systems.

The best part about the Gorilla Wall Braces system is there is no need to remove your concrete floor for installation. Furthermore, the system has been tested and approved by a professional engineer to effectively and safely fix buckling and bowing basement foundation walls.

The unique Gorilla Wall Braces system gives you more strength than other systems as well. It allows wall loads to be distributed more evenly, unlike other systems. The patented design also prevents buckling and twisting that is known to happen in other basement bracing systems. This powerful system allows for wall stabilization to prevent further movement and wall realignment to push the wall back in its original place.

When you have buckling or bowing basement walls, call The Waterproof Group for a free inspection and repair quote at 678-223-4948. We will be happy to install your wall bracing system.

Gorilla Wall Braces Reviews

Here are some short snippets of what customers are saying. To read the full reviews, click the Gorilla Wall Braces site link here!

My basement walls started bulging inward. Not only did Gorilla Wall Braces save me money – it was reassuring that their design went through engineer testing. Definitely would recommend!

I searched extensively for a cost-effective solution to fix the problem. I found “GORILLA WALL BRACES”. Great people, reasonable price.

Impressed and pleased with the quality of Gorilla Wall Braces.

The system works awesome. My wall was about 2 1/2”out.

Got the Gorilla Wall Brace system installed. And honestly I knew it was going to work well but seeing it in person was something else.