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Foundation Repair – Stabilization vs Lifting

We all know that the best things in life start with a solid foundation. And when it comes to your home, you need one too! That’s why at The Waterproof Group we work hard every day designing and installing foundation repair and waterproofing solutions for our customers’ homes so they can feel confident about their decisions.

Your home is more than a place to live, it’s an investment in quality of life. That’s why we specialize at restoring your foundation so you can feel confident knowing that no matter what happens next year or ten years down the line your house won’t sink!

This article teaches you what the best option is for your home, no matter where it’s located.

What is Lifting (aka Leveling)

Lifting / Leveling is the process of restoring a home to its original construction, and its often done when there are foundation issues, and you need foundation repair. The goal with lifting your house should be returning functionality in doors & windows as well as proper trim placement; cracks within walls brought back together by this task!

What is Lifting Best For?

Lifting your home is a great way to make it more livable when you need foundation repair.

1.) Homeowners who want their homes returned to a level state will often hire someone like us because they can feel the uneven sections and know it needs fixing.

2.) A homeowner who is looking for a way to make their house look new again. They have noticed that there are cosmetic problems with the foundation and want these issues resolved as soon possible!

3.) Homeowners who want their homes to be in top condition so they can enjoy them fully.

4.) Homeowners who are planning to remodel or build an addition should fix their foundation first, as it is better than doing other renovations later.

Pros for Lifting / Leveling

  • Restores your home’s foundation to its original state, as well restoring doors, and windows.
  • Confidence! Your home is running smoothly and looks good as new. You can feel confident knowing that the housekeeping chores will go unnoticed by guests or potential buyers, so there’s no need to worry about it any more
  • We all have our own individual style of decorating, but no one likes an eyesore. It’s time to start thinking about how you can make your house look better and more welcoming with very little effort on behalf of yourself or others that enter through the front door!

Cons For Lifting / Leveling

  • Lifting is a necessary part of any home with foundation issues, but it can also be expensive. It takes effort to repair leveling issues in your foundation.
  • Leveling is a delicate process that puts plumbing at risk for separation during the raising process, resulting in extra costs of possible tunneling and repair work. Windows can break, hardwood floors can crack, drywall can crack. There are some risks that you should speak about with a professional.


Home Stabilization

Installing piers under the footer of your home is an effective way to prevent further settling. This support will give stabilization when you need foundation repair, making it easier for you keep things stable and prevent future settling.

The goal is to keep your house in an upright position, but not raise it up too much to cause interior damage.

Foundation repair professionals would use the same number of supports under a home for stabilization as lifting. So, per pier installation cost is about equal to that in terms of effort but with less work overall resulting in lower expenses spent on labor costs alone!

Best for Stabilization

There are times when you might need to choose between lifting and stabilization. Stabilization is best in situation like these:

  • When you’re already in the middle of a remodel and want to avoid any additional damage.
  • There’s no typical symptom of an issue with your foundation. You might not even know it if you don’t have any cracks or separating trim work!
  • Additions were installed on an already unlevel area of your home. It became interconnected with the original structure during construction, making it impossible to properly level up without ruining another part or making access points for repairs inaccessible due this conflict between two elements that were not meant touch.


Pros for Stabilization

  • This durable protector is an essential part in protecting your recent remodel from damage.
  • To avoid further movement in the future.
  • With fewer steps needed, this takes less time to repair than lifting.

Cons for Stabilization

  • The home will not be level – but it will be stable.

Lifting or stabilizing your home is an important step in preventing further problems, but it doesn’t solve the issue of uneven ground. The best option would be to stabilize any potential problem areas before you build on them so that when they do need lifting or stabilization later down the line they can get done quickly with minimal impacts around their exterior surfaces- which will make life easier for everyone!

The one downside to foundation repair work is that it’s not nearly as much fun! We like lifting, but most times stabilization is the best for most homes.

Clear Choices – Is that Possible?

When a remodel is done, it’s common for the ground to settle. The Waterproof Group has seen this happen and found that homeowners usually regret their decision when they try lifting afterwards because of all those cracks in walls or floors from where something was taken out!

A lifting service should be done before starting any major construction project–it will save you headaches later down the road. However, stabilization can be done at any time.

Taking care of your foundation repair is important because it can save you from having to deal with more expensive problems in the future.

Stabilization or Lifting / Leveling?

 When you’re looking for a new home, one of the most important decisions is what kind stabilization or lifting service will be needed. There’s no wrong answer here if it meets your needs and those around your- with remodeling being an exception because there may come times when this type of work must happen whether we want them to or not!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When you’re looking to have things fixed and working properly, lifting is your best choice, but can cause interior damage that will need repaired.
  • Foundation damage can have a negative effect on your home and quality of life, but if you want to get rid of these feelings’ stabilization can the best choice.
  • If a potential buyer wants to see your home in perfect condition, they may have specific requirements for lifting.
  • You might think that a band-aid is enough, but you’ll end up having to come back for more visits. Lifting will fix everything and keep your project from getting worse!
  • The cost of stabilization will be a little less and the process can go much quicker.
  • Have you ever had a project that was just sort of done, but not quite the way it should have been? If so, then maybe stabilization is right up your alley!
  • Foundation settlement is a common issue that many homeowners deal with. Foundation stabilization may be the solution you are looking for!

With so many reasons to choose stabilization, it is hard not finding the perfect one for your needs. Has one whispered an answer yet?

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